Is there any skill in roulette? – Hit And Run Roulette Strategy

Not at all! When I bet on a horse, I really have the luck, but sometimes the dice don’t come out right.

What’s that?

I don’t know what it is, but it can happen to any number of other players.

What is the difference between roulette and blackjack?

Roulette is much more fun and exciting.

Which do YOU like playing the most?

If it is just for fun, I do not enjoy either.

Have you ever got into trouble over your bets?

Yes, when the stakes were too high, but I was playing with $20 or $50 at a time.

Do you prefer cash or roulette?

In my opinion, roulette beats cash because the odds are always better.

What kind of bet do you like to make?

I have bet on any one or multiple horses, but if I am up against strong odds, I prefer to make a small bet so that I can always win.

If a customer asked you to do a lot of work for them, what would you do?

As long as the customer pays me fair and reasonable amounts, I wouldn’t tell them to do anything they could not do themselves.

Do you like to have a partner?

I prefer to go head-to-head in roulette, but in cash, I like to have someone to back me up.

Do you like to keep track of your winnings?

Yes! I keep the winnings in a safe and use them as a “spend” on a casino item.

Could you describe your favorite player to the customer?

I like to have fun with my “go to” players.

Can you tell us the name and number of the person who won $10,000 on roulette with you?

Yes, it was not an “accidental” bet; it was on a specific horse, and it was the last horse he liked.

What’s the last name of the person who bet you $10,000 with you?

I don’t remember his last name.

Why are you asking customers to play “a certain way”?

It’s simply because it’s the way I enjoy betting the most.

Any last tips for customers?

It’s simply for fun, so try to have a good time. And don

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