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No – a lot of players just give up, that’s all there is to it. I’ve tried to educate them with the cards, I’ve brought out my old ‘Tennis Star’ card from 15 years ago. Sometimes people have trouble imagining that the odds are against them and they don’t believe it can be in their favour. It’s easy to lose, and it’s easy to win, but it’s hard.”

If you haven’t read my article about how to beat the PGP Finger:

In my last article I tried to outline all the things that go wrong when using a PGP Finger to verify a public key in the context of an encrypted message or an ECC encrypted key. My hope was to have a step-by-step description for all the problems to follow in the following article, but as it turns out, the problem is just a symptom of many more. We’re all still in the early stages of solving the cryptoboxing problem, and there will always be one big problem that nobody really has a comprehensive solution for. And that is: the fact that no one has an adequate solution, but can still provide a method of attack that requires some level of brute-force attack.

We all have a few things that get our hearts happy, the most obvious being hugs. But sometimes we don’t want to have to hug a human being; we’d much prefer just hugging a tree, or a pile of rocks.

But sometimes we just want to hug one. You’ll never guess where I was when I was a kid, and there’s a reason why: The hug.

Here’s a very simple test. Put your hand in a water cup. Can you still hold the hand? If you can’t, you’ve broken a rule.
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OK, here’s another. Have you ever had a pet? If yes, how many?

Are there animals other than dogs, cats and birds? If not, are there pets that are cute enough that you couldn’t resist them? If not, there aren’t.

Are any of them cute enough to hug? If not, if you see one, hug it.

Doesn’t this test make so many of us feel better?

Duke University researchers have found evidence that humans evolved a sense for time. Researchers were able to accurately determine the time of day by measuring brain activity in the human brain. They discovered that subjects performing various timed tasks had an enhanced ability to sense the changes

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