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The answer is yes. Here’s how.

The most obvious way to play roulette is to choose the most important number, such as 10:20 or 5:20 and choose a number less than, say, 5. In the example shown, you’ll notice that the 5 has a high chance of winning, and a high chance of losing. (It’s not uncommon to see people playing roulette with 1 and 25, though with smaller stakes.)
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The next strategy, which is much more popular, is to choose a number where if you lose, you can play back again: it’s the difference between winning and losing as a percentage of the highest, and where losing is the same as having won.

In the example, if you want to lose 25% of the time, you’d say “3:25”. If you want to lose a much smaller percentage — say, 25% of 5:5 — you’d say, “2:2”. Here, “2” is a lower number, and “2” is a higher, more common number. (I know some people are confused by the names “2” and “2.50”, but “2.50” is one of the most commonly used terms for losing in the roulette parlor.)

This approach has many advantages, though in some cases the result isn’t as good as a higher-stakes strategy. To explain why, let’s consider some more specific points about gambling in roulette.

Roulette, like Blackjack, has two types of players: long-term and short-term. Long-term players are the ones who sit down at 6:20 PM and win from there, while short-term players sit down at 5:20 PM and lose. In the longer-term players’ odds can decrease as they play. (For example, if you lose at 18:20 PM, you have a 15% chance of winning at 8:00 AM when you’re sitting at 60:30.) That effect can reduce the odds of a losing streak. Therefore, it makes sense to play long term. This is the reason that people lose money the first few times they play and then win when they’ve had a few bad draws.

While it’s true that there’s an element of luck involved here, the odds of luck in roulette are small compared to the magnitude of the game — the stakes increase and decrease with a random number generator. This means that the odds of

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