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In the current Roulette system, you are given a number to bet on. At the beginning of the game, your numbers are displayed in the top row on the right. The first number shown, R, represents the roulette wheel with the starting point (0, 0) at the top, and the number of possible spins per wheel at the left. After a number of spins on the wheel, you flip it to indicate which of two numbers (i. e. a+b) you’ll get. To calculate the chance of winning, add up the total numbers for both wheels and divide by the total number of possible spins. Therefore, the result of the above calculator will be a percentage.

What is the optimal number of spins needed to win the game:

In roulette, it is important to consider your odds of winning. To get an accurate number of spins, calculate how many total numbers you can win, divided by the number of possible spins (i. e. R), and add them together and divide by the number of cards (i. e. A).

The following formulas can be used to determine the number of total numbers you are likely to win:

r = ((A*B)/2) * ((D+E)/2) * D

where R= number of number combinations of the three cards (A, B, and C);

where D= the number of possible card combinations of the two cards (D and C); and
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D = D + D + D + D + D

Note that your odds of winning R are much higher than your odds of winning D and C, which are both much lower. However, in the last result above, the probability is the same as with the first one using the optimal number of spins. Thus, you can use this calculator to evaluate your odds of winning the game.

How do I start the game?


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