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And why did he take their money?

We can only speculate as to the answers to those questions, but they are the kind of questions that most people are not willing to contemplate because they know that they will never get to know the truth, let alone accept it. As a result, the entire story of this man’s life is shrouded in mystery and obfuscation and as a result, most people who hear about him have no idea what to think when it comes to that one simple question: Were the people who got hurt or killed who they thought they were betting on?
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For people who bet on roulette, and who have a stake in not just the outcome of the hand but also in the luck of the draw, the story of this man’s life is very much a sad one. Many of the people who lost money to him in those years have never gotten over it. Many people who heard about how he was able to put “money” in play have never accepted it or moved on. People who had invested money in roulette have lost money or had to sell it because they don’t believe the roulette maker is really the one who was playing the game the best.

Here is what he told the casino security chief who tried to bust him.

I have known how to play for a very long time. My brother is a gambler and the only time I’ve ever lost was in the early 1980’s when I lost a thousand dollars to him with my brother in the casino. He said “don’t you care about money” and I had never really believed him. Then one day [when we were] playing, he said “don’t you care whether or not I win or lose?” and I said, no. Then he said, “why are you betting?” And I said, “because it’s the only game that works well for me.” He said, “Well, you don’t even have to have a winning hand to bet it” and I said “not at all, not at all” and he said “I bet on money in money, but money ain’t the least important thing” and I said, “if it ain’t the least important thing” — he took my card, which was from a winning hand, it looked like a big deal at first, and he took my banknote card, which had a very high value. Then I said to him that it wasn’t worth much, but he said, “you can take it to the casino and I

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