How much does the average person lose gambling? – Free Online Casino Roulette Games Play

The average person loses approximately $25,000 a year to gambling.

On a good day, one person in the United States loses nearly as much as the bottom 40% of the population combined.

This graph shows how much the bottom 40% of Americans lost by the end of 2013 for their lifetime.

If you have questions about how much the average person loses gambling, we suggest you look online to see someone else’s experience by going through The results may surprise you.

What should one do about losing money?

Even one loss won’t lead to immediate financial ruin, but if you start gambling at an early age, or keep playing throughout a lifetime, and the losses keep piling up, you might discover some things.

While the bottom 40% of people are expected to recover, we might wonder why gambling keeps you hooked.

Gambling isn’t always bad for your health – if you enjoy the feeling of power and control, for instance and you can resist the temptation to lose for a while, that’s great.

You can also try these simple ways to keep yourself from gambling addiction.

Stop gambling

We know that you may want to continue playing even as you make adjustments to lose the gambling habit sooner.

It could help to stop gambling. There are three options for doing so:

Get serious about treatment for gaming addiction

See a doctor

Apply for medical marijuana card from the state

Gambling may not be a major concern at the moment, but it does help you with your depression or anxiety. In a few months you may even be able to quit altogether and find a way to live successfully in your own home (if you find the opportunity).

To get help for yourself, we recommend consulting with a health care professional in your area.

Gambling Addiction Treatment in the UK

Many UK and European States allow gambling addiction treatment. We will tell you more at Addiction Treatment in the UK.

A medical doctor can recommend a good treatment for gambling addiction, including:


Hearing aids


Surgical intervention

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of behavior therapy in which the subject tries to develop a plan to change his behavior and improve his feelings.

It works well for people who have low self-esteem or anxiety and is not effective for others. You may

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