How many chambers does a revolver have? – Are Online Roulette Games Rigged Meaning In Urdu

A .22 revolver and .25-caliber pistol each have 12 chambers; and a carbine has 16 chambers.

Can I put in a .22 revolver?

No, there are no .22 chambering requirements.

Can I put in a .30-caliber pistol?

No, pistols that are less than seven-and-a-half-years old are not subject to regulation.

Can I put two or more .32 pistols in an S&W M&P?

Yes. Two or more pistols can be put into the S&W M&P Compact.

Can I put in a .380 pistol?

Yes, but the gun must be chambered in a cartridge smaller than the .38 special; no chambered .380s may be used in the .380 Super S&W Small.

Can a pistol be loaded with rimfire ammunition?

Yes, rimfire ammunition may be used in .380 pistols.

Can a revolver be chambered in a revolver magazine?


Can I use an air pistol in a carbine?

Yes. The use of an air gun in a carbine does not violate the Federal Firearms Act, ATF regulations, or the NRA standards.

What types of air guns may be used in a revolver?

The following types of air guns are legal for use in S&W and Smith & Wesson revolvers:


Cylinder compressed air

Flash-hider and ejector, with a firing pin or spring




Non-blowback, single-action


Are there any special requirements as to the size of the chamber?

Yes; the chamber must be no larger than the chamber of a normal 12-gauge shotgun cartridge.

Can I use large-capacity air pistols?

Yes. A .40 caliber S&W, 12-ga., or .45/.50/.60mm revolver can carry a capacity of 12 or more rounds of .40-caliber and .45-caliber ammo. It may not have a capacity of more than 12 or 16 rounds of .9 or .40-calibre ammunition.

Can I use a magazine-based air pistol in an S&W M&P?

Yes. A .40

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