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Take the roulette wheel with the big handle in the picture above: what are the most likely spins? The first spin is your choice and the next is your opponent’s choice. Now add a roulette ball from your hand — the most likely spin at this point is the first spin, as you know the odds of that, so your first choice is your most likely spin. You move up to the second and third choices as your opponent’s turn comes around and so on. But when the final slot appears, the random number engine is telling you this is it: the number in the last slot (the number that appears in the last ball) is the final score for each player.

How do you win?

In this new world of roulette, what’s the best way to turn an expected win? It all depends on how well you place your bets. The odds are really slim for first or second place bets. In the first 2/3rds of spins, you win. But at 3/4ths of spins, third place usually turns into second place, and at 4/5ths of spins, the same is true for third. These percentages increase rapidly until you hit the point where the chances you have of winning are very small. But to really win a bet, you have to place an entire bet and try to win every last minute. You might have a good hand, or you may have the luckiest. You may win a big score, or you may lose a big one. In other words, to really get what you want, you have to think like a gambler rather than a game manager.

And that’s true in real life too! That’s why gamblers like to bet big on the Super Bowl! And when a game is over, it’s a good sign because gamblers are betting for one last shot and hope this time, everything will go well. And, when you actually see the score of the game, you’re very happy indeed. Not so long ago, a bet might have resulted in an outcome that was very different from the way you wanted to come out on top! And that’s why gamblers like to bet big.

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