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Take the wheel while you’re down. Then when you get up, go back and give away the other pieces of the wheel. I did it.

When did you first start playing poker? I don’t know why, but in the US one day I played poker for no money at all on television. I have no money, so I guess that’s how I came to play. I was 13 years old. This is all I have to say about how I was introduced to poker. It was on the show Poker in America. This was the late 50s or early 60s. It was part of the entertainment. You couldn’t get a show that wasn’t a gambling show, and there was a lot of people who played cards for the entertainment. So, I’d never really had any serious playing around before. I came to the show one day and found myself in the pit. I found this guy and said “Where am I? Can I buy a drink for you?” He said “Sure, why don’t you buy me a drink, and go get your card”. So that’s how poker was introduced to me.
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How many cards do you own? My wife and I are both card players. I got me first hand and started buying things and then she got to me, too. So it all started out with me having a first hand and her going “What in the name of Jabba’s palace?” She said “Do you want to play poker?” “Oh yeah I want to buy money”. So she gets me some money and I can buy her more.

Where do you live in the US or Europe? I live in Los Angeles, California, near the coast of the Mojave Desert, which is home to a lot of desert critters. I have plenty of room for my four dogs two Siberian huskies and a Doberman Pinscher. My other dog is also very, very special. He was the first dog I ever gave away as a gift to a person. So he lives with me in Los Angeles. We live in a beautiful little trailer out of the back of a building. My wife’s parents have a beautiful house about a mile and a half east of here and I spend quite a bit of time in and around it.

How often do you play poker? I haven’t seen most of the people playing, but I have had a number come here from Vegas and I went out with them and there are a lot of very good players out in

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