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The same way you start.”

It’s a sentiment I’ve shared many times with friends over the last few weeks since being named the NBA’s president of basketball operations — as well as a new role within the organization.

I’m not a gambler and don’t even pretend to be. But the way I see it, the only way we’re ever going to win is by having a vision, creating the right environment and putting the right people in place to support and nurture that vision. We couldn’t win without great people and great people can’t win without great vision. That’s what I’m trying to do right now.

How’s that job going so far? Well, on top of all my other responsibilities, I’ll be in charge of the players’ union (PTO), which will help ensure that our players are compensated fair and properly, and we’ll be responsible for all of the NBA’s other social issues. The union, which we’ve been developing, will also continue to provide guidance to all teams on how to do things in a responsible and efficient manner. And I’ll be the general manger of the NBA Development League, a league in which we’ll work to improve the playing opportunities for the young NBA talent with the hopes of producing the next Shaquille O’Neal or Kevin Garnett.

We’re also going to continue our discussions with some of the leagues that we play in. We’re very excited by the work happening in the NBA D-League, which we’re very involved in. We’re looking forward to what we’re going to be bringing to both the league and the league’s players on both sides of the ball.

What do you think about the trade deadline and the current state of the NBA?

We’ll see. I want to be very clear, I think this trade deadline is very important and I know people are asking me how we’re going to use this time.

I think it’s an absolutely huge moment for all of us. I think the NBA is very well positioned and I’m proud of the accomplishments made in recent years by all of our organizations. All we can do is work and continue to work.

But what I also want to make really clear to you guys is a lot of things have to happen on our end to make sure the NBA is going to be a thriving league for a long time to come — in terms of players, in terms of owners and in terms of teams. This is a key part of that

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