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For the next five years when you win, if you earn enough, you get a bonus of one million won ($1,000) from the lottery operator. Some people get paid even more.

In the latest round, the lottery operator took home an extra $4.75 as a bonus.

How much do you have to deposit every year?

Some people deposit money every year for six, seven or eight years. Others deposit monthly.

It pays to be flexible.

As of June 2014, a 20-year old with average income for Seoul, who has a total net salary (including the lottery), could have deposited up to a total investment of 500,000 won ($483) every year.

How many tickets do you buy every year? Is that enough to pay off your lottery card?

Most lottery holders buy 5,000 lottery tickets every year. If you buy 2200, you have 500,000 won to pay the cost of the card.

What types of tickets is the lottery ticket market?

Of course there are lots of different types of lottery, including the roulette, the roman roulette, the horse-racing, the slot machine, the blackjack, and the lottery, amongst others.

Who can go to a lottery?

The age-restricted area, but adults only. If you are 18 or above in the country, you can enter.

Is there no age limit?

Nope! You can play as old as 90 as a spectator. You also get a slot machine that costs 3,000 won a time.

Does anyone have to pay for the lottery?

You will only have to pay 20 percent tax for all the money you deposit in the lottery tickets.

How many can you win in a year per person?

If you get one lucky number or tie for one specific number during the lottery, you can win 1 million won ($1,000).

What types of people participate in the lottery?

Young people, as in the case of the roman roulette. A lottery ticket holder is able to bet even on things where some people can win only 100,000 won ($75).

Some people go to the lottery to win money in the form of a ticket. This is called lottery gambling.

Do you have to buy a ticket every time you win?

No! You can buy three tickets for 200

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