How do you play craps and win?

Craps are a lot like blackjack, in that you’re expected to play to your strengths, be as efficient as possible. If you can get a good deal and if your cards are balanced, you should be able to play a lot for the long haul. You have two primary players to deal with: the dealer and the dealer’s friend.

Dealer’s Friend

Dealer’s friends are usually experienced craps players, as most casinos require at least three or four to play. Dealer’s friends are usually more than willing to play for an average of 1:1 or 2:1, but they also want more than 2,000 chips. They are usually also in the casino around the clock, usually for a maximum of about 18 hours a day.
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One of the biggest advantages for a craps player is that the dealer’s friend only needs to play with another dealer. The dealer will usually set up a table on his own, but sometimes he will have a friend ready. Because of this, it’s a lot easier for craps players to maintain consistency, since both players have a chance to know the other before the games begin. It can also make a craps player more likely to keep his cards in front of him, since he needs to play to his strengths.

Dealer’s friends aren’t very popular in the United States, so they’re often considered second class citizens by the community. Their reputation can also negatively affect players who play for them, since they are often not willing to play to anything more than 1:1 and don’t like the idea of players with multiple partners.

Players who are a bit farther from home can have a great deal more luck with the dealer’s friend in a lot of casinos.

Dealer’s friend’s need to be well informed of the dealer’s playing preferences, so they can make informed decisions about the game. Dealer’s friends are usually good at identifying trends, so you shouldn’t go ahead knowing what your friend will be offering. Some dealers won’t play someone else’s game, so it’s best to make sure the dealer will follow your game plan and not allow another player to steal your chips.

Dealer’s are also more likely to play in multiples of 2:1 since this is their preferred betting format. Dealer’s can play as many cards as they want as long as they’re not playing for themselves (except in one slot because it takes a while to lose a lot of chips). Even in multiples