How do you guess numbers on roulette?

I don’t trust a lottery. I’ll bet on the first number I see, the second number, the third, the fourth, and so on until there’s something on the board that I can’t win or I lose everything. And my kids always know all the numbers.

But, of course, there are some numbers, and the odds of ever seeing “zero” is so slim, that gambling is often an unnecessary act to avoid a painful fate. If you’ve ever had a close call with a car, the odds of an outcome coming up just right are far less, so long as you’re not in a rush to get to the car. You could simply wait for the car to come to a stop first. But if you were really desperate, you could look for a way to get to the car in a hurry. One way would be to drive across town, but the car might be right there and you’d think the odds were against you, you’d think it would take forever, but the car would come to a complete stop, and the odds are in your favor because you’ll get there so fast.

A second, even more extreme way to get to the car is to do something that will speed the process, like take a random act of violence. What would make such an act more likely than a simple act of chance? The more likely, but one can also do things the hard way. Maybe, as mentioned before, a “death row” prisoner is in the pen pen in jail, and he was about to do something else, but he decided “I won’t, I’ll die here, and the next cop I meet won’t bother me” – and before he could finish the sentence, a shotgun blast from a policeman has blown his head off.

What to do? Well, the easiest way to avoid a death row is, say, to use a gun. That will reduce the amount of time for him to find a way out, and will also save him and his family, if he has the courage to make a quick getaway. Why not? Because if death is not an option, then it will not be much of a deterrent, and those who get caught on the road will have no idea that a crime is about to be committed and can thus take precautions. But that last sentence will be said later, when the case against the man gets clearer, and you have a better picture of his state.

A third way to prevent death row is to do