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Penny and Billie

Bingo is very easy to play. But it’s more fun when Billie comes up with a nice idea that will make Penny happy.

Billie’s idea: She’ll use a couple of penny bets to buy a new pair of shoes for Penny so she’ll enjoy walking by the lake again. Penny’s idea: She’ll use the penny bets to buy a whole bunch of penny bets. Billie uses the money from the bets on the shoes to buy more penny bets. Penny buys the shoes, Billie has the shoes, and Penny gets a pair of shoes with the penny bet.

In fact, this was how one of Penny’s more adventurous friends got a pair of blue jeans from the sale of penny bets.

How do you figure things like this?

Let me guess — in your head, why didn’t they just buy the panties and panties and buy it all for cheap or not at all?

There are, after all, a bunch of cheap versions of underwear. I’m thinking that maybe one of Billie’s more imaginative friends would have said, “It’s no big deal to have extra panties.” And Billie herself would think about it longer.

But Billie didn’t say, “Hey, let’s just buy a bunch of cheap underwear and then use the penny bets to buy the panties.”

Billie made her own idea — and then used the penny bets to buy the panties. The idea was to do a deal with Penny.

Penny said, “Hey, I found some panties at the dollar store for thirty cents. They’re white, a size 1, and very nice.” And Billie had her dollar store panties and Penny’s Dollar store panties. Then Penny was wearing one of Billie’s pants (the color pink and the design “T”) and now Penny was wearing Billie’s pants (the color purple and the design “R”).

Why did Penny and Billie make their deal?

Penny doesn’t know that she has a choice until she sees it for herself. Penny has the opportunity to make that choice and get it as soon as she has it. She has the opportunity to do two things. She can take Billie’s panties and use them to buy all Billie has and sell it and buy all Penny has, and buy all Penny has and sell it and buy all Billie has and sell it, and so on, until she has all she

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