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When you see cards and play, you’re doing one of two things:

You’re playing a hands you’re familiar with. (Hands you might have played before).

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You’re playing cards you haven’t played before.

It’s the former that you want to focus on.

You’re not alone if you struggle with these. Many players think that there is a certain kind of hands they know well and play well.

This may be true, but most of us don’t, and most people play too many hands and don’t play the hands they know (and may not want to play them).

A big advantage of blackjack, in most cases, is that you’re able to play almost anything. Most of our players are good at playing hand games like Blackjack, so they’re naturally good at Blackjack, but if you want more out of your blackjack game, you can still find ways to spice things up.

Here’s a few ideas.

1. Blackjack with an exotic hand

It’s hard to play a good hand without taking an exotic hand. Some people, of course, prefer exotic or “special” hands, and even though they don’t get as many hands played as some players, they still do their best.

When you play your regular, standard hands, you may want to avoid exotic hands at all costs as they are more likely to give you too many cards and lose your “advantage” (in other words, you’re “losing” or “losing hand” points due to having too few cards in your deck).

That’s obviously not the case for exotic hands. Instead, play them only if you think you’re going to have a lot of cards in your hand and if you can find a way to keep them from being too many.

This is best done with hands that you know well. You can do a lot of things to play these hands, and sometimes a little cheating is all you need.

2. Blackjack with the cards you already have in your hand

When it comes to playing blackjack hands with cards you already have in your hand, there’s not much to it. Just take a good look at the cards in your hand and decide if they’re the right ones.

If you see them, don’t cheat. Sometimes they are. Sometimes you’ll even spot someone’s cards when they are down one card, but for the most

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