How do you cheat on a roulette machine?

If you’re in one, get in the habit of always picking the number four. That’s one of the reasons the system is called a roulette.

4. You have the right to take up arms against the British Empire. You would be very disappointed to learn that the British Empire is still ruled by the English. In 1776, for instance, there were more than 300,000 British sailors serving on the American and Caribbean voyages. These British naval officers, however, were British. And their British captains weren’t serving on those voyages themselves. When the Royal Navy and the army of South America sailed into the ports of what we once were, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that those ships represented the British Empire. And the people who ruled in those countries would certainly feel sorry for the Americans today. If the British Empire had existed in 1776, there would have been a lot more of that Empire to rule.

5. You own the last car on the lot. There are no parking lots in England. The government requires that people with cars own the last car on a lot. That was true even in the days of the English Empire–the Crown had to have an empire.

6. You can’t do yoga on the first day of school. Most people believe that Yoga is an ancient Indian practice in which yogis, who have mastered one meditation point, meditate on the universe and then perform an elaborate series of poses. The reality is quite the opposite. The Vedas of India tell us that the true method of meditation is through awareness of and contemplation of the senses and of the qualities/character attributes of man. In other words, the yoga of today is a refinement of Yoga of the past.

7. You get sick in the morning. There is a common fallacy that if one is sick in the morning, that they are not doing something important. Well, they are. They are not doing the ordinary job of a human being in waking up. They’re not taking their morning shower. That can give us a clue that this is not a good day at work here at the New Jersey-based law firm. Or even worse, they can be practicing the old profession of medicine, which is one of the great miseries of the human body.

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8. You’re a free thinker–but you’ll never be a good philosopher. This is one of those myths that goes back to ancient times. We don’t recognize freedom until our bodies have been beaten and destroyed