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That roulette ball is on a track in a roulette. But then we will tell you the answer to this one too! Here are some of the different ways you might tell the difference between a normal ball and a roulette ball.

The roulette ball is spinning on a wheel, and it goes from one wheel to another. This is really the same thing. Just watch the video below.

The roulette ball is on a track, and it spins at the same speed across a track (with a little bit of wiggle room). That’s the same thing, too, only a lot easier to watch. Watch below on this video.

You can count the spin of the roulette ball up and down and you’ll see it doesn’t look like much on a flat surface. However, if you count it up and down to the number 2, you’ll actually find out how slow the ball is falling.

Checking the “Bars” & “Ladders”

Let’s start out with one of nature’s most amazing animals.

We call it the blue whale, and it’s the most beautiful animal on earth. And now, you can find out how beautiful the whale is too!

First let’s take a look at the Blue Whale’s anatomy:

Belly with teeth and gills.

Belly with lips and gills.

Eyes that look like fish eyes.

Eyes that look like jellyfish eyes (this is a great way to start to look at the blue whale’s eyes).

It has some of the largest brains on its massive body.

It has some of the largest lungs ever discovered.

It has two huge dorsal fins, and is also able to swim in water from up to 1,000 meters (3,000 feet).

It has a pair of large pectoral fins and has the largest pelvic fins in the animal kingdom, as well as the largest dorsal fin in the animal kingdom.

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Its jaw has 8 to 10 teeth!

Its tail is actually curved, like a whip.

It is even possible to see fins and flukes inside the whale’s body.

The blue whale has been studied extensively.

And it still lives.

And they still swim.

And there’s only one way to tell the difference between that majestic creature and what we call a “normal” blue whale.


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