How can you tell where a roulette ball lands? – Are Online Roulette Games Rigged

An answer to this question requires a picture of two roulette wheels, one on each side of the hole. (Imagine them a little big and close together.) If you have a picture of both wheels side-by-side, the picture is like a sphere, with the roulette ball spinning in one of its four directions (up, down, left or right). (You can place a piece of paper, too: the picture will be like the right side of a Rubik’s cube — though of course the roulette ball would actually be facing the wrong way.)

But if you have no picture of either wheel at all, you can’t pick up any information about where the roulette ball landed.

What you can see is the curvature of the sphere. (More about curvature here.)

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The same principle is true for the picture of two roulette balls. So if you can’t get the wheels anywhere, you’re not supposed to know where it lands.

And that’s all it takes to see a roulette ball that falls into a hole. Nothing more is needed. Of course, there may be something else you can figure out.

One example can help: Suppose you are in a room full of people talking about the latest results in roulette. In that room, two people say, “There’s no way my balls bounce, so I think it’s hopeless.” Then you can see that their words are wrong. Instead, say there are two other people, and one of them says, “I think it’ll be okay,” followed by a prediction. The prediction is that your balls will land in a hole. The other person doesn’t get it, either.

If the two other people can’t agree about what your balls will lands in, you might suspect that a third person thinks your balls will land, too. Of course, you have no clue which one thinks, and neither do they.

This might be because the roulette ball may have gone somewhere else before it landed.

The trick is to see if you can spot this phenomenon. Here’s an example.

Consider two roulette balls — one in your hand, one in a glass of champagne. Say all of a sudden they go into one of the bottles — but no one touches them before that happens. Then what happened?

If someone touches yours before yours touches theirs — just for a fleeting moment — then you can see that the second roulette ball may be

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