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It was not until I left Russia for Ukraine in July last year that I realized that I was an unwitting participant in the Russian roulette of Ukraine.

I didn’t know my Russian to be poor, but only to be Russian, that it is a language spoken by a small minority of the population. My poor Russian made my Ukrainian even poorer. In Russian roulette, I was being led around by my Ukrainian opponents and kept away from my Russian friends as often as possible.

Ukraine is a country with its own history and culture, but the main thing Russian roulette did was to make Ukrainian identity a secondary issue.

I am the one who had to learn Ukrainian because nobody else would teach me English.

Ukrainians feel like Russia is treating them unfairly and this will cost them dearly. Ukraine will be a country more hostile towards Russia than ever before.

I wish I’d known sooner that Ukrainian identity is a secondary objective of Russian roulette. You cannot be Ukrainian and Russian, but I have come to realise that Ukrainian identity is part of the story.

The first full-blown American-style hot dog on the market is headed to Boston next month, but what did we come up with?

Here’s what we’ve learned about some of the hottest new food trends:

1. The French fry.

After years of eating the French fry and fries, we took a break and decided to try something new.

This recipe combines two of our favorite old favorites — French fries and an Asian-like deep-fried egg — and adds a dash of spice. The result? Fried food, but not as fried.

2. The “spicy-taco” burger.

From South America? We got ’em, and made sure to include a tortilla chip, chipotle-chili sauce, queso blanco and a red queso-flavored sour cream. Not surprisingly, it has a high fat percentage.

3. The “Sesame” hot dog.

With the rise of more Asian-inspired hot dogs, the Sesame hot dog is a big hit. It uses crispy bacon, Sesame seeds and a homemade soy “sesame oil” to cook the sausage and cheese.

4. The “Mexican” hot dog.

A favorite comfort food from Mexico, the “Mexican” hot dog has the taste of a Mexican hot dog, but with a bit of spice

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