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There is some controversy about this question. The first way to answer the question is to see if you are at a higher risk of getting hit by a bus. This is done by asking whether you have ever been hit by a bus and if you have ever been badly hurt or killed. It is a bit of a surprise to find that this was one of the least reliable measures of risk for roulette players, given that people who had been hit by a bus were just as likely to have lost control of the wheel when gambling on roulette as other types of gambling.

The second way to answer the question is by looking at the likelihood of getting hit by a bus for all ages, sexes and occupations. Using statistical models to assess the risk of being hit by a bus at different ages, the odds of getting hit by a bus at any age in different occupations were low – 0.1%, 0.05% and 1.02%. For all the occupations, the mean hazard was 1.7%, so the odds of getting hit by a bus increased with age and then decreased with age. For the occupations not covered in these analyses, the odds of being hit by a bus rose to 1.67% and declined to 1.08% with increasing ages. A similar pattern is seen in the age-and-occupation-specific risk estimates:

Figure 8

But there is a huge difference between men and women. A woman in her twenties is about half as likely as a man to have been hit by a bus. For a woman in her forties the odds are one second lower at 1 in 70 versus one in 4 for a woman in her sixties or seventies – and, as can be seen, the difference increases steeply from here on.

The reasons for this trend are not clear, but one possible explanation is that women are more prone to gambling than men. Men are, after all, more likely to be active drinkers and to drink frequently. In particular, some have argued that men tend to be involved in risky types of social games in which there might be the danger of accident or injury when gambling in casinos. Another possibility is that there are just as many gambling options, if not more, available to men, but that women are less likely to be present at such games and consequently have more trouble managing their gambling urges (see Table 1). This could account for the overall low risk-ratios (see Figure 8).

Table 1

As might be expected, occupational

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