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According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the odds of being found at fault in a crash is three times higher for males than for females. Of course, the odds are not just about gender, but also about race as well. Blacks are 2.5 times more likely to be found at fault in a crash than whites. But race alone doesn’t explain all of this.

What about other kinds of insurance?

Insurance isn’t the only factor in insurance rates. The cost of living, health costs, lifestyle habits, and the likelihood that an insurance company will cover your crash are all factors that affect insurance rates. Here is a table of rates by insurance company for the same accident.

It looks like you just lost your best friend.

I know of another person so affected by a terrible loss, who has decided to get help for herself in a unique way. I’m not the only one. Here’s what her daughter had to say:

Tina, what do you say to friends? It’s a difficult thing for a parent to admit, but I had friends who died in car crashes. Not on purpose, just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We all want to be the person who does something to help others, and sometimes if something happens to us, friends will ask why we tried to help them so hard.

I don’t blame you for wishing that something good would happen to you as you passed by and just disappeared.

But your grief is real. The fact that many people have had similar experiences helps me understand how difficult it is. I mean, I was there for my mother when that huge, frightening car crash happened. She couldn’t keep the truck’s wheel off her face. A car crash is a terrible, horrible thing — and for a long time, I’ve been terrified of being that car’s first victim. I’ve lived a lifetime of trying to keep my head above water, but it’s very difficult to do so when you think you’re about to sink.

You should also look to the experts for help. The car dealership will need some help getting through to you — I don’t know how you will explain to them this was someone who needed help, but it was a very tragic death that you’ve been in.
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Just because you want to help doesn’t mean you should. I’d encourage you to call your insurance company and ask about how much you’ll be paying to cover the funeral expenses. If