Do casinos use magnets in roulette? – Most Common Roulette Patterns

No. In fact, there is nothing that allows people to use magnets for gambling, even on the blackjack table.

The reason? The table magnets that have been around for hundreds of years were not designed for roulette. Most do not have enough leverage and friction to create an accurate chance of landing a big bet.

In one of the best known experiments conducted by George Washington University’s William A. Stebbins, the University of Pennsylvania professor examined the effectiveness of magnetic chips. After two years, Stebbins studied the table magnets that casinos used. What he found was that the magnets created a fair chance of winning, but those magnets could not be used with real money – even on the blackjack table.

“That was a great discovery,” says Stebbins, who received the National Medal of Science for his research into table magnets. “We saw that the table magnets were not designed to win money with real cash. They weren’t designed to win even with the best players. And they were not designed to win even with ordinary-looking chips.

“And a lot of the games that the magnetic table magnets are used for are games where the winner is very hard to find in the wild. They’re not a great deal for the game of chance. You’re much better off using coins or playing with a stick, which uses the same or better leverage and more friction.”

Why not? The magnetic chips that came before the cards were designed for gambling purposes and should be used for that purpose.

“That’s why you need an ordinary-looking chip or coin. They have an ideal leverage of 0.003 percent,” Stebbins says. “As a result of all that friction and force, a table magnet is going to have a very low chance of winning. That’s what we find when we test them, and we’ve reported it to the National Academy of Sciences, which says that they are not gambling magnets. If you put a penny chip of all those cards together, they’re all gambling magnets.”

The best part about the experiment was that it was conducted at a casino in Las Vegas.

“There’s a very good reason for that,” Stebbins says. “The casino has not changed its approach to table magnets and this experiment found there is no impact at all by using table magnets. If any other casino would have done the experiment, they would have also found no evidence.”

What impact did there seem to be

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