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Yes, it was the inventor – J. L. White. In 1866, he invented a game called roulette (or rupa-dala) in order to make some money (and maybe also to pay off his gambling debts). The game was played by placing dice against a black and white card, which the player then reels them in until they either land on a black or on a white card. The game quickly became popular – in 1870 there were around 40,000 players, and more than 5,000 people were murdered in the last ten years of the game. There had been some concerns about the high number of cases of accident-caused deaths resulting from the game. One of them was the death of J. L. White of New York City in 1872. Some sources say he was found tied up in a tree with a knife.

How many deaths were caused by accidents in roulette?

Between 1864 and 1873, 18 deaths were caused by accident in roulette. As the number of participants went up, the number of deaths dropped off, but this could be due to an increase in awareness of the game during the 1880’s. (However, one expert says that the statistics were greatly exaggerated due to the fact that “rupa-dala” was the first game in the American gamebook industry.)

How many deaths were caused by suicide in roulette?

In 1891, there were 14 deaths due to suicide in roulette alone. Of course, there have been many deaths caused by other things while playing the game, such as from barbiturate poisoning or from injuries due to the high stakes involved.

If you were the inventor of roulette do you believe that the games have had such a tragic effect on so many people and have a long- lasting legacy.

We think roulette has been extremely successful but we think the game has had an effect on many people. That said, we don’t necessarily think that it’s been responsible for the deaths of millions of people as some people have suggested. There are some who think that it only has a short lasting impact on a person.

What is the difference between the game played by rupa-dala, Roulette, and the three other games that were used in the early part of the 19th century?

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All of these games began as a joke, so there was no concern about them causing any harm to the players in the 1850’s.

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