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Yes, they do. Some have rigged machines so that the same number of choices is offered on each roll; other systems only offer one of each on each gamble. Yet others make it easy for you to win your roulette, by offering only the number of rolls needed to select your best outcome.

For a full list of roulette machines, check out this interactive map. (More links can be found here and here.)

Where to play roulette

Roulette has been a staple in the Las Vegas casino scene since its conception more than a century ago. The Las Vegas Strip casino has more machines than any other American city. But the most prominent places have two problems: gambling addiction and violence.

In a 2011 survey conducted on Las Vegas’s casino floor, more than half of casino patrons said they had visited a roulette machine in the past 12 months, and two-thirds of those said they had played one in the last three months.

In 2013, violent gambling has hit another peak. According to a National Center for Public Policy Research study, violent gambling in Las Vegas had tripled in two years from two to 22. Las Vegas casinos reported that 2,200 cases of physical assaults occurred in 2013 — the highest on record.

Roulette was once the premier game for those seeking to spend their free time. Now, it’s often relegated to a place where gamblers can get high, gamble and go sober. But it remains popular with those who want another game. So why is it so hard to get away from?

Roulette doesn’t operate on real dice. It can be played with a digital version of the die, using a slot machine-like interface designed to make the same kinds of selections as an actual die. It takes as long as it takes for a player to guess the numbers and for the machine to give them a result.

The roulette machines were invented in 1899. They were simple and crude, built in an era when electronic games weren’t commonplace.

It wasn’t long before the machines proved popular enough for American families in the early 1900s to buy them for their kids to play at home, often with a friend, the Las Vegas Sun reported at the time. And they started appearing in local bars, with men playing them at night, the Times reported. It wasn’t until 1907 that they were first seen in a major American city, when the first slot machines were opened in Los Angeles and later in Manhattan’s Union Square.

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