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Let’s start with a bit of history: A long time ago, people thought that there were two different balls: one that went around in circles and went no faster than the other one, or two different balls that would go around in the same circles and go faster than one that doesn’t go and stays at a different speed. If you could figure out what the second ball was, a gambler could pick the right one and then the correct one. And, when they pick, you can’t tell if they are picking at random or if they’re just really good luck. There’s this guy who has been playing roulette for 50 years and he knows what the roulette balls are. He can tell you the correct one, the one that goes slower than the one you are playing. So the question really is, if you’re really good, why does roulette keep on giving the same ball to the same person? Because nobody knows what’s wrong. People say, “It’s just luck, it’s not that the cards have changed. It’s that the player is just really good at finding the right one.” That’s not enough to explain why the same ball always remains at the same speed. I believe it has to do with the way our brains deal with information. Let’s say you’re playing a game of poker and you’re thinking of something, what if you don’t have a hand? If you don’t have a hand, no matter how close you get to winning, the odds are against you. The probability of being successful is only 30 percent. It has to be very unlikely. So, you might think of having a hand and what happens if you don’t have a hand. It makes you more anxious because you think, “I don’t have a hand, no matter how close I get to winning, that’s not going to happen.” That’s the state of mind in roulette. Your brain starts to feel uncertain the more nervous you are. Your brain thinks, “If I don’t have a hand, I really cannot do any better than I can now.” It just keeps working that way. So, it’s not that there might be some type of error that is occurring. It’s that what you’re hearing is really not accurate. It doesn’t make any sense. So, the odds are not increasing because it’s just the way your brain is working. This is not the only reason for slow speeds in roulette, but it’s a big reason.

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