Are all roulette wheels in the same order?

No? That must be a typo! How do I see all the roulette wheels in the same order? If you have multiple Roulette wheel slots, use “Roulette” to look at any of them and use “Next” to select one. (I like to type in a new text field in my browser and save my list of Roulette wheel slots until the next time I access Roulette.) A Roulette wheel with multiple slots will show the first and last numbered slot as well as the first and last slot with which the wheel was rotated. Roulette wheel slots do not appear in any order for me, and if you have “Next” to select from the list, then all the slots with “Next” are “Next!” There are many reasons one should use “Next” rather than “R1” on a roulette wheel slot. As soon as “R1” appears, the wheel is “R1ed” and no further processing takes place. In this case, all the slots with “Next” will be “Next” and you can begin the rotation. If you select “Next” to select from a list, you could choose any number, but the wheel will show the first number. “Next” has more information than “R1” which is not very useful. Most people use “R2” as their standard roulette wheel. On each of the slots on a roulette wheel there are a number of slots that can either be “R2ed” or “R1ed”.

Why does my current slot appear with “R2” if it is a “R2” slot? If a “R2” slot is selected, it is “R2ed” and the current wheel will include that number. If you want to select “R2”, you have to use the “Go” button on your mouse to navigate to the slot and click on “R2”. This is where you enter the numbers of the first and last slot. Roulette is programmed like this, and every “R2” slot should be entered as “0.00001”.
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Why are there no other numbers for “R2” slots? If you click on the “Next” button on a roulette wheel, there is no other number available for “R2” slots.

What is a “R2” slot?

Roulette is programmed like this with a number that represents number of slots in one wheel. The roulette wheel on