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There are a variety of reasons for the illegal practice of scalping. The most common one being a misunderstanding between the buyer and seller. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why people are not informed of scalping.

In order for a buyer/reseller to make out a profit, they might need to spend more money on their goods or services than what the sellers offer to sell their goods or services for.

On the other hand, if the buyers/resellers will only pay for what they want, then they don’t need to spend on their own goods or services. Even in case of fraud, it is likely that those involved in scalping will pay the sellers for the goods that they purchased. While it is not illegal to ask for a higher price or demand a greater amount when you don’t need it, the sellers, who are often the only ones in the market, would be in trouble.

The third reason is actually quite common, people buying services to find out how much they are going to pay. If the price you request gets higher than what’s available, you may end up paying less.
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There are many other reasons why people wouldn’t make the mistake of scalping but, we’ll try to discuss them more in future posts.

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