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The average investor isn’t a swing trader.

What factors affect the likelihood to get a new trading position (if any) in the U.S. market?

What factors affect risk-adjusted returns (in other words, how much stock prices will move during a five-year trading window)?

What factors limit traders’ options (such as the “cost of trading,” “predictable turnover,” etc.) in the U.S. market?

Which types of positions can best be executed on a daily basis?

The most important questions for investors?

To get a trader to respond, we recommend they answer all five questions that I have above. The answers are:

Which type of person you are — the one with high risk and ability, or the one with low risk and low ability?

If high risk, how does low ability differ? If low ability, how does low risk differ?

I have two categories: “buy” traders versus “sellers.” Which one are you?

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