Who is the best swing trader? – Stock Market Advanced Course

The answer is a simple one: it’s about who you are trading with. If you have your own account, the best person is you. If other people are trying to beat you with their accounts, their accounts have some weaknesses or flaws. I think it’s best to simply keep it simple.

I don’t think it’s smart to keep all the money you earn back in your own personal account. Most accounts I know of have rules against this and you should not get caught.

You should use your account as a starting point to earn money by selling your shares in an appropriate time frame to other active traders. As mentioned, the best person to trade with is you.

The best way to do this is have a “fair trade” in which you sell your shares and wait 2 to 3 times for other traders to buy them back. If you go from your fair trade to selling all shares at once, you are going to lose money.
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I recommend using an open short position in all your trading accounts to maximize profit potential in every trade. I believe this allows you to make the best trades with your account, and can greatly increase your long term returns.

I recommend trading only stocks and the S&P 500. Other types of stocks are not advisable. They may increase your risk.

You may ask, “Why should I invest in stocks?” Well, for many reasons.

Investing in stocks is the ultimate hedge against inflation. You may have heard that inflation is the greatest threat to the world economy in the future.

Many countries are experiencing massive inflation and many are in economic decline. You may be wondering, what will happen if inflation reaches 10% per year?

Well, the answer is not going to be pretty. This was my major concern when I started investing in the 1970s. Then, every other aspect of the stock market was down and this led to the world turning into a “Great Depression”. However, inflation has been kept under 5% for several decades. This means that even the worst economic downturns are still going to be lower than previous downturns.

The stock market is a great way to hedge and protect yourself against inflation. You don’t have to worry about inflation all the time.

I recommend investing in stock futures when you feel like the money is worth it. These can be easily traded via the Internet or by phone. You will trade in a timely manner and if you have any money left, you will

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