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We chose the moving average with the smallest possible deviation from the mean. This is done to allow us to do the math required in R code. If more than two moving averages are used, they have to be in ascending order of the mean. There is no room for more moving averages here.

The following two R code lines are required to build this moving average. The first one reads the values from the x-axis. The second one calculates the moving average with the values from the y-axis. It is worth noting that the data used in these code lines will be the same as in the Moving Average calculation we just did.
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x = [1.0,1.0,0.1]

y = [0.1,0.1] * sqrt(x[1],y[1])

# Initialize our model

model <- rbind(x,y,predict = True, l1 = lst.transpose(2:size(x))) # The first thing you need to do is figure out the variance/covariance of each x value
# You can do this by plotting the data and checking which column is the most

# influential. This will give you an idea of which column is the “least influenced” and

# which is the “most influential”.

val = predict(size = 2:size(x))

# You can then calculate the variance of each column by finding its

# standard deviation. We will be using the summing-up statistic in R to

# compute the variance from the data. (This is the standard deviation which you do

# the same way in Excel)

cov = predict(size,


standard = l1.std dev = 1.0)

# We simply sum the squared standard deviations for the columns

vals = sum(vals – cov)

# Finally, we create the standard error of the error as the standard deviation from

# the data. That way we can keep them on our data points.

sd = cov(val, 1, sd = sd)

# This means that we can compare a moving average with a one time logistic regression

# because the “standard deviation” gives us the standard deviation between

# the data and

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