What trade is most profitable?

What trade is the least profitable?

What trade is the single most profitable trade possible?

What trade was considered the single most profitable trade, but isn’t actually profitable, by the system?

What trade is most unlikely to occur?

The same way that traders have to take a lot more precautions to make sure that they don’t make a terrible mistake in the first place.

What trade should be made the most profitable:

Trade that pays enough money to cover the cost of running the system.

Trade that is low risk, but pay enough to keep a balance between cost and profit.

Trade that is in the middle between these two.

This trade list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, and it probably won’t even be complete, but my aim is to give you some guidelines on how we might use those factors.

In order to have any kind of hope of making money, we need to be able to keep our profit margins consistent. For example, in the early stages of a game, we would not want to do a trade that puts us in a position where we are losing more money than we were making. This would lead to the system losing money as the player progresses.

As you’re reading this, you might have noticed that I wrote something like:

“Trade X trades where all players earn the same amount”

This is a bit of lazy writing, so I added a disclaimer here. Trade Y is a perfectly acceptable trade if there are no negative outcomes – it’s just a trade that pays enough to cover costs but doesn’t hurt other players.

What does this look like with a trade list?

For me, the most important trade was Trade 8. It was just a trade, where two players earn the same amount, and neither wins. This was the most competitive trade that could have happened, and therefore most profitable.

There were other trading opportunities that could have happened, but these were more complicated in that they either put you at the bottom or at the top of the profit chain, depending on which outcome happened. They were less profitable in their own right, and therefore less profitable in the end.

Trade 10 is another trade that was a very different trade from the ones that got us in this position. I didn’t want one of the first couple of trades to pay less than 1% of our profit as an aggregate – so this wasn’t the best trade. Instead, I wanted