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You want an analyst with experience of over 6 years as a trader before launching your trading platform.

How much money/time do you expect to make on the platform?

You should be able to make on the platform and have some revenue before the day that you close the IPO.

How much money do you expect to make from the public markets? (PIPE etc?)

It depends on how much money you will generate while trading. This can range from around 10 mil to 20mil/year depending on your market.

Do you need capital from outside your country to run your platform?

This depends on the amount of VCs and private equity/investment capital that you need and you need to build the ecosystem which will enable such investments. If you can build the ecosystem of the platform, you can start to raise it.

Can you hire the right team/people to take care of everything.

Yes, this will help you be able to scale the team as well.

What is the best tool to build the platform?

Depending on how much funding/VC you need.

Do you have a roadmap for the day that you close IPO?

You may run into a problem in day 2 or 3 from the investors that you need to make them part of your plan ASAP.

What are your plans for revenue after IPO?

It depends of what you want to generate and where you want the funding/VC to go with it.

What are the conditions that need to be met before launching your trading platform?

There will be a lot of conditions which need to be met for the IPO. To avoid a lot of risk, you need to understand the conditions which the investors may meet as we will see later.

What are the best things to do when you need to raise money for your platform.

If it is too much money for you, you need to wait till it runs out. But, if you have to start raising funds now, I recommend that you don’t start raising immediately. Let someone else do it.

What should you do in case of issues with your investors?

Some analysts start with raising big money on their way to the IPO. But, most of them fail to keep their investors happy. It is also easy for investors to make miscommunication, for example, when you raise some money.

How much should be invested in equity of your trading platform

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