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This is a difficult question to answer precisely because the majority have no formal trading credentials and don’t have the formal financial background to know what they are talking about. What follows is a short description of an average day trader, from my life experiences.

I first started trading back around 1995 and has been relatively successful. I am a very intelligent and intelligent person. I am a very good trader and very professional. I’m not a day trader, I am a trader in the sense of trading short or long positions. I am very aware of timing and also in trading short positions. I love stock market trading and I love to trade for a living. So, I’m no longer day trading, I’m trading the other. But the answer is still up for discussion.

I have been trading for about ten years. I started trading on Wall Street in 1987 and I got my first positions of less than $1,000.

I got into the business of betting in mid-late October of 2001. That was the low point of stock markets in the United States during and after the 2001 financial crisis.

During that time, the prices were in a freefall from one point to another. I was very pessimistic about this time. This was an era of optimism and I had a hard time believing the direction of the markets to be going in the next few months.

On November 4th 2001, I was out on the trade floor betting in a little bit of $10,000 worth of stocks. I remember a woman being yelling at me as I was selling a little at an undervalued price. I said to her, “What are you yelling about??!!?” I said, “I don’t know, it seems crazy. I’m selling a little in the beginning and then I sell a few more and it’s going up. No worries.”

And I was like, all right. I guess I did make a mistake on the price of one stock. But I thought, you know, it’s better than the 100% loss if my prediction is right.
Swing Trading Strategies that Work

But on November 28th 2001, you could tell something was wrong.

If you don’t have it, you can go and ask me at the market; I’m a free broker. This is a good thing for me and I’m going to give you 20% of the money you lose. So I got down to $5.50 and then I stopped on a stock.

I didn’t know what was

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