What is swing trading? – Swing Trading Course Pdf

If you’re on a swing trading site such as this one, what is it exactly?

A swing trading site is one which offers users “hot” stock picks that can be viewed in real time. With these “hot” stocks, you “swing” the stock in hopes you could make big profits in the future (by trading or investing on the site) . This is why “hot” is used as a catch-all term. Some companies are not so hot but people in the know trade them.

When will I profit from trading on a swing trading website? (And how much will I lose?)

Swing trading stocks are not so hot. As you increase your ability to trade on the site (like being in better shape, or a good trader, or having your trading tips posted) you will make more profits and lose less. But you will still lose money. The longer you stay on the website, the more money you will make.

Here’s a simple chart that should show the risk/reward of trading a particular stock in the time period (and in a day to day basis, and over a short period of time) that the site will be available.

What other terms to look for on a swing trading website?

It’s often very easy to confuse swing trading slang for other words.

As I mentioned before when we mentioned how “swing” means “quick and dirty”, the most common ones are below.

Hot = very hot!

Fast = very fast (especially a lot of trades)

Hot/fast = VERY hot

Fast trading = VERY fast stock or index trading

Short trade = to short (short sell someone on someone else’s stock) Swing Trading: How to swing trade from A-Z, 7-day ...
Low price = to sell a stock or index lower than it should be

The common ones when people hear it, just know that it is not referring to actual “low prices” or “low liquidity”

What are some possible issues associated with getting on an online “swingset”? What are the pros and cons?

The best way to understand this is to think of a swingset as sort of a pyramid, the tops of the pyramid have everything they need so they will only have to trade on the lower level of the pyramid.

The downsides to getting on an online “swingset” are:

There’s no competition (there isn’t, unless it’s a company that makes an IPO, but

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