What is swing trading strategy?

When you make a trade, you can select a trader to sell a stock or sell a basket of stocks.

You choose the trader (by clicking on “Choose my stock”)

You provide the trading strategy (as a comma separated list of stocks or baskets)

The trader is notified when the stocks have opened

The trade is executed, the stocks change in value or you decide to close and the market reverts to its equilibrium position with the same positions as the trading strategy
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Your trading strategy is executed on the market by the algorithm. It adjusts to the market value immediately after the trade, which is called “reversal”.

Swing trading is useful when you have multiple trades in quick succession. It is also useful for short-term traders to make a short-term profit by trading on an extremely large market without losing too much value.

A basic strategy with some risk

An algorithm has one of two positions, either a price action to determine the market value or an equilibrium position between where the market is now (0) and where it should be (1). If it decides to go for the latter position, the price of the stock will move up. If it goes for the former, the price of the stock will drop.

As soon as the trader makes a trade, it adjusts its position to the equilibrium price between market value and equilibrium price. If the equilibrium result is above market value, the trader continues the trade; if lower, the trader closes the trade.

The trader can close the trade after one of two reasons:

You decide to close it without changing the equilibrium position; or

The stock has to adjust the position back in response to the price, i.e. before the stock price has gone up enough to compensate the trader’s increased risk.

The market price is based on the maximum allowed limit per trade, in the case of a stock that goes to 20 cents on the dollar (0.0020).

In this context, the trading strategy is a limit order, which is a short selling order or a short position.

When a trader closes a stock, it is a market trade, which is a bet for the trader that the price of the stock will move in the next minute or if the trader will be able to open other positions (stocks like ATS or JV). That’s how a short position is known.

A brief description of a swing trading strategy