What is a swing low in trading?

Generally speaking, a swing low in trading means that you buy into a trend and expect the price to fall as you continue to buy in. A swing low in trading typically occurs after the beginning of an uptrend in the underlying asset. While you can always expect the underlying to be higher, you should still continue to buy as the price continues to rise in order to reap the benefits of the uptrend. For example, a swing low in investing occurs when the price of an ETF rises from the bottom and there is a significant upside potential in the underlying.

Investing in an ETF involves a lot of risk and not all of that risk should be considered in the calculation for a buy or sell decision in the ETF. However, you should know that each ETF will have a range of possible investments depending on your personal, investment and/or portfolio goals (see “What Investors Can Do When Swings in Trading Are a Problem”).

How do I find a swing low?

Find the swing low in a different fashion than using an index and using the average or even the top 10% of the index. It may help to look at the bottom of a range of price movements in the stock or ETF markets. In an example where the stock market has crashed over 60 times and the S&P 500 is trading in the 3200’s, we can see that the stock price will be falling in one direction only. In this example, the market is not being driven higher but instead, the market has been pulled lower. If in this example, if we were to consider the stock in a single category, let’s call it ‘Stock Down (15m)”, we can see that the stock price could go up to $4.50, falling to around $1.30, and going back to $3.60.

What happens with a swing low?

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