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Let’s put it this way: a “swing low” is when a stock moves from being way up to way down, depending upon the market’s reaction.

Some stocks move a lot when there’s a “spark” up. And some stocks move a lot when there’s a “spark” down. And some stocks are a lot like the stock market. When both happen, they’re called a “spark low.” Or a “swing low.” Or a “swing low, swing high” or a “swing low, stock market rally.”

For example:

A company that makes electronics sells its shares a lot when there’s no big news — an “up.” A company that makes computers also sells its shares a lot when there’s a “down” in the Dow (in stocks), and a company that makes phones sells its stocks a lot when there’s a “spark” down in the Dow.

You don’t need to know all the details about these swing low, stock market trading stocks to see that they’re often a lot like the stock market. They get hit pretty badly when the Dow goes down.

One “swing low,” stock market stock you need to know — one that might show you what you’re missing — is this one:

The stock you probably don’t know about, called the company that sells the most music CDs, was down only 3% in March (that’s the company’s most recent quarter). Its share price, however, had dropped by 50%.

This company’s stock swings and is up and down more than all others. When it’s down (and that’s most of the time), it’s just about the only company in the market that is. When it’s up, it’s like the other big brands that are selling lots of CDs.

So how do other companies make it into this “swing low, stock market rally”? Well, most of them don’t. But sometimes, some do.

The answer is simple. They sell their stock to investors who want to buy them.

What they sell is stocks that move on the “swing low” and not the “stock market.” They sell those in stocks that have been “swinging” high and low over the past few months. They sell them when there’s “spark” up (see above); or they sell them when there’s “spark” down (see above).

If they sell lots of “swing low”

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