What is a swing low in trading? – Swing Trading Books

A swing low in a price action is defined by a difference between the level of a move in the direction of the price and the high or low of the move in the direction of the price. For example, if a price is trading at $100.00 and a move is at $80.00, then the swing low would indicate a change between the $100.00 price and the $80.00 price. A swing low in a stock or currency will be a result of the price being less than the high of a move in the direction of the price. For example, if a trade is at $100.00 and a move is at $80.00, then the swing low will mean that at $80.00 the price has moved below the $100.00 price. A swing low may also include a level of a change in direction. When the level of a move moves to the bottom of its range, a swing low in the price action indicates a reversal of momentum in the direction of price.

How can we determine which of the swings is a swing low?

Each market will have its own specific definition of what will be considered a swing low and how this will play out over time. Generally, we can determine a point at which the price is below or above a particular swing low by examining where the current level is in the market.

What are market makers?

A “market maker” is someone who purchases or sells a currency or other asset at a particular point in time. This includes the trading or trading activity of a broker-dealer, a large-cap public company, a government-backed futures contract, or the activity of an exchange or company.

What types of traders use trade-moving platforms?

With regards to trading platforms and what types of trades you can make, the following chart will help you understand the characteristics of these platforms.

Why are stock movements important?

For investors who want to be at the center of the action in all markets, stock movements are the most important indicator of overall market sentiment. With this in mind, the most important characteristics for a successful trades are:


Amount and size of movement; and

Amount and length of the momentum (i.e., the amount or length of time that we have a strong movement in price).

For more information about what to watch out for regarding the market, see the chart below:

What is momentum?

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