What is a swing chart?

A swing chart is an imaginary representation of the game, it’s created by taking the score, the total goals scored by the team and dividing the total by the total number of goals scored by the team. By dividing total by total, I’m sure you can imagine that this could create a wide variety of results that would be useful for calculating the expected total goals of each player on the pitch, but we’ll stop there.

Now, a standard scoring system doesn’t require a numerical distribution of score, but the most important thing to point out is that every player must be scoring and his expected goals must be exactly equal to his teammates’ expected goals.

The way the system works is that the difference in the player’s expected goal totals compared to his teammates becomes a point value (points). This point value will determine each player’s expected total goals by scoring the game’s average goals from every player. Here’s how it works:

This image shows each teammate’s scoring value and the player who scores the most points is the expected total score scorer. This is the most important part, the team’s total points will increase by a number based on the number of points the team scores.

For example, say your team scores 8 goals, but then one, like a Ronaldo goal, is scored and then one that is scored by an unknown player. Then the team scoring the most points is the expected total scored by the team, not the players. Here’s what one hypothetical team could look like:

A typical scoring system uses a points percentage value. For example, a 100% points percentage value means 100 points would be 100% of the teams points value (so the 100% of 8 points represents the team scoring 8 points and all other players would be expected to score 8 points to their teammates). Each player on the team would have a different point value for each performance. This points is applied to each player every minute of the game and the total is calculated as the number of points that each player contributed to the team’s total.

However, a few things can be improved. If the match is played in a time-share system, the goals may be shared. If it is not, we use the average goals scored to form the points value. In a time share league the points may be distributed as a percentage.

If we were to change the percentage of points each player contributes to the team score, this would affect the point totals for each player individually.

Note we are assuming