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This type of exchange is a bit different to say the least! Price rises and decreases. You will see spikes of up to 20% in the amount of Bitcoin at any one moment. Just think how much a 30% rise would look like to you. The reason for this is very simple: the supply of BTC has never been so great before.

So we should ask ourselves “How much should I invest my money?” It’s quite easy. If you are investing a certain dollar amount of money in Bitcoin, you will earn an amount equivalent to the number of Bitcoin in circulation (BTC). So in general, if you want to maximize your potential gains then you will want to be investing in the most valuable Bitcoin currency, which is Bitcoin. The value of this currency fluctuates very wildly, and is up to 7% of a new bitcoin. Therefore, if you invest $1000 in a Bitcoin exchange today, if the value of this currency rises 20%, it will look like $800 in 2 years’ time, and if it falls, it will look like $500 in 2 years’ time.

Now, if the value of Bitcoin has fallen by $400, your investment could then be worth much more $1,700.

This is a simple example. This is simply how the Bitcoin exchange rate works. It has never been so popular that Bitcoin has gained such a large market, and the price fluctuations have never been so extreme.

A recent report from The Australian revealed that Australia is about to have 2.3 million cars stolen per year. However, the number of thefts of new light and small vehicles is higher, especially when it comes to the value of vehicles such as V6s and Avanti coupes.

The report says that a theft of an average new car could cost up to $100,000 but this number increases by 2.2 times with a stolen V6 and Avanti. The report further reveals that there were 1.5 million car and car-seize thefts in Australia in 2014.

How Much is a Theft Worth?

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The value of a car stolen is determined according to a variety of factors.

A V6 theft costs a dealer between $500–700 over the first two years and after that there will be a “dip” of between $150,000 to $500,000.

A vehicle stolen from an estate is worth more if the car is in really good condition. There is a 2.3 times increase on

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