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What is your opinion? Do you think it is important to pick up and hold one? Do you think people who don’t follow every new trade will miss out on good opportunities? What is your favorite thing about the business? Is there anything that you would change about it?

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We have to admit, we know better than this stuff. Our “science” is better than the science of our ancestors, or their ancestors. Our minds are just too intelligent not to see the obvious.

“We have to admit to those of who believe in the miracles of the Bible, that the stories they describe cannot possibly be true.”

— Charles Darwin

Let us suppose we are talking about the so-called “miraculous” deaths of infants around Bethlehem. These are obviously the stories of stories, and all are equally true. But since both the Bible and Christian tradition are filled with tales of miraculous events, we believe that these are, indeed, miracles. And if we accept that, who do the Bible stories prove are the real messiahs? How can we know the real messiah is a Jewish man not born of a Jewish mother?

We are supposed to believe in the so-called supernatural resurrection of Jesus from the dead, a resurrection in which he was neither born in a physical body (as in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead in which only Jewish women can be saved) nor born to any legitimate Jewish mother who ever bore him. This, in turn, is supposed to be the real messiah. A Jewish man of non-Jewish extraction could not even produce this sort of thing if he had any real Jewish ancestors! Such a guy would simply be a man in a coma long enough for the resurrection to play out in his mind. This is what a Christian like Robert Gagnon believes.

And Robert Gagnon is the godfather of modern genetic science and is the man responsible for all of today’s science concerning human genetics, physiology, and pathogenesis. He thinks he knows what really happened to Jesus Christ because, as he has admitted, he is an expert in “non-mythical” sciences, but he

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