Is Technical Analysis dead? – Swing Trading Strategies For Beginners

Or is it still around in the form of a fancy new acronym like M&A, where the acronym in question is Technical Intelligence?

[Update: A reader who works in analytics pointed me towards a post recently called The New Technical Analytics, where M&A might be mentioned. In the post, Kevin Hinshaw makes the following note regarding the technical analysis side of the equation]:

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Technical analysis is important, but it is no longer being used as a standard by all. As I’ll explain in a moment, M&A is moving into the data-oriented world of data-driven research, and there are many different types of companies in search of analysts.

[Original post: I wrote earlier today that the term “Technical Analysis” might find itself being phased out altogether in favor of other more catchy acronyms, including M&A, in favor of MGI, M&I, MLI. So, I guess that’s what he’s referring to].

(In case you’re interested in the technical side of things: If you want a simple technical description of the data you’re looking at, you can use the same terminology we’ve discussed. The key words are “big data,” and “big data analytics.”)

A note at the beginning of this post: When writing about M&A, I use the technical term “the data.” The term might be a little confusing at first for some of you as to which terminology I’m about to use. In that case, look for this in this post: The Data Game.

What is M&A?

In my article about M&A here, I said:

In an M&A transaction, the seller’s business is split into two halves. The first half, known as sales, sells the company’s assets, such as patents, rights to IP, intellectual property, and assets, such as patents. The second half, known as customer acquisition, sells or purchases customers. In other words, an M&A transaction is comprised of two parts – “selling” and “buying”.

In M&A, one side of the transaction has an order to buy assets, and the other side has an order to buy customers. M&A involves some of the highest quality trade secrets and technology in the world – a lot of it is proprietary, but the buyer and seller (in the business sense) would both want the exclusive right to use it in whatever manner they see fit.

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