Is Technical Analysis dead? – Short Swing Trading Definition Francais De Xampp

No. Not really. And if you think about it the most important technology on the planet would be to make more of it. So that’s what we are doing (for what its worth, most of these techniques are still being used); they do not have the ability to make more of anything.

How do you describe what these techniques actually do?

Here’s a quick answer. They do what they do because computers have been a valuable technology that has made people rich. But they are also the most inefficient, complex, and opaque technology on this planet. A computer will do many complex calculations in a second if you keep it running. A computer can do one calculation on-the-fly. It will do thousands of calculations in a second. But what really matters for an algorithm is how many times it can generate the same result in a second. If you want an algorithm that will do 10,000,000 calculations in a second, you have to multiply 1,000,000 by 100. You can’t do 10,000,000 times, but a computer can work on that for 100,000,000,000 seconds.

That’s when there is a problem: you have hundreds of millions of computer cycles every second, but how many are actually generating these results? There is an answer to this, the computer is a bit like a computer operating system.

How do you get a computer working?

I am not a computer scientist, so I won’t answer that. But what is interesting is that computers have become the most valuable thing in history. It is not because we have found a way to make millions of them and use them all efficiently, but because the system we have developed has come to be the most efficient, most efficient and the most sophisticated method, one that is able to deal with billions and billions of bits at the same time, and it is capable of doing so without any loss of speed.

So what are we doing, exactly?

We are learning how to make more of computers. Our biggest challenge now is to understand how much more of those computers can be made and how to make the system we know work without degradation. I see this problem as a classic design problem. You can find it in many industries. How will we make planes more fuel efficient? This will depend on some complex combination of design, materials, and design of the aircraft, aircraft mechanics, aircraft systems, etc. How will cars get cars that only ever get the gas needed

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