Is Swing trading better than day trading? – Best Swing Trading Strategies In Hindi

I don’t know. I haven’t done day trading, but I do know that I am much more able to find opportunities and capitalize on opportunities in a much greater rate. As a result, I think that Swing trading is generally better than day trading since I am able to be more picky and find new opportunities much faster and in proportion with the stock price. I just wish I was a bit better than average at that. I have no clue why day trading can be such an inferior form of trading compared to Swing trading… It just seems that it is.

What is your biggest regret from your personal trading experience?

Nothing. I could probably list several more things that I regret including being a bit too confident and being a little too excited/overly excited before I entered the trading world. My most important regret though has probably still to do with my ego; I was just too excited and too self-confident to have any sense of shame about being wrong and having the misfortune of trading wrong. I think I have learned this much now and it has become far more conscious than before.

You were the recipient of the 2015 Arthur M. Schwab Investment Counseling Award (A.M.S.), part of the Arthur M. Schwab Investment Counseling and Technical Trading (T.M.) Program (AM/T.T) sponsored by Schwab Bank USA. You also received the Vanguard Schwab Investment Management (V.SWY) Certificate of Investment Accreditation (CIAS) in 2015. You also receive a free copy of “Guide To Trading and Trading Strategies, Second Edition” by Warren Buffett.

Do any of your readers know of investment mentors who are investing through Schwab? If so, please share their names and how they are investing.

How does one avoid writing so many things so fast? (That’s a question many of you will be asking as we head into the holidays. There’s a lot going on in the world that needs doing, and the best way to manage it all is to get it all done on time.) And then there’s everything that comes with dealing with those emails that are coming in and so many of them from people who are not so happy about your work or what you’ve done; there are so many things that don’t quite fit right, but they’ve probably all been written before, and so you have to work with whatever’s there, try to make it work, and see what ends up being there.

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