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In my experience, it’s a matter of a few dollars for getting started. The best time to start investing in the stock market is when you have a solid understanding of it and the market mechanics. It has a big range of price points, and while it won’t be your friend in the long run if you’re looking at numbers going through the roof (it won’t help you make much money!), the fact of the matter is, you’re getting the most bang for your buck right now in the market. In other words, when you’ve gotten a full-fledged understanding of how the markets work, when you’re comfortable with it, and when you’ve got what it takes to trade in it, your time will certainly pay off.

It might not be as simple as having a big buy/sell ratio, but if you have this mindset, investing will be much easier.

What are the best ways to use your money to be the best trader you can be today?

Start small and stick with small-scale trades. Do you prefer buy/sell orders? If so, then start small and make a small profit with them. This is especially important when you need to sell because when you sell, you’re taking a big loss on a trade.

Keep your investment small. If you’ve got $500 to try out or $10,000 to explore, start with a few hundred dollars. If that’s too much, then work your way up.

Focus on long-term gains. Trading at the low end of the market is risky and can potentially give you big losses. Investing at the high end of the market allows you to take a big gain and minimize losses.

If you’re still not sure about anything, check out this article on what is a good starting position for a beginner.

If you invest a lot, and you want to know more about long-term returns, check out this article on whether to invest a lot and how to determine your odds of winning at the stock market.

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Should you take your trading further?

A lot of people talk about investing while watching television shows. Some people take it too far and put in a significant amount of money, thinking that their skill set will help other people. I don’t believe it can work like that.

For one thing, you’ve got to have a good grasp on the markets before you start investing, and that requires a ton of time and effort.


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