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I actually don’t recommend day trading the whole time because day trading is not always successful and it can go wrong. It’s a small gamble. I can’t guarantee anything, but if you get that one game-winning trade I got the last time, and your losses are huge but maybe you made some bucks then you’ll want to get into it. If you have good luck it’s fine to put in a little more. I would say no more than 60 per cent of the day trading you could do is worth it. There are so many things on the market now because you can’t just buy what everyone is selling. It’s just one guy who made the right trades and maybe it was a good pick.

How much money will you lose if you lose?

Oh my god not a chance. I’ve never lost a single dollar, but maybe I’ll lose ten dollars. But I know it’s a small gamble for me, too. It’s not like I’m going to start doing any more than a ten-dollar bet.

When you made that last big pick you seemed to have no regrets.

Oh god. I always say it’s not about regret, it’s about knowing where you are at in your trading career. It’s not like it’s about the money. My money’s not the thing. It’s a good time in my life where I can give back to somebody. I have a family, I’m in a great situation, and I’m ready and willing to work to help these guys. It’s about helping people I want to help. When we make this big trade, we all had pretty good days at some point. I’ve got to live and learn the next day, but that’s why you can’t get too high. It’s a risky thing with this trade because we have to have a good feeling of where I am on this team.

When I say learning, you’d be surprised that you get to get to pick the team and I’m going to learn from our general manager. He’s great. I think he’s a great guy to work for. His experience and his knowledge in the game are unbelievable. There has never been somebody else better to learn from than him in my opinion…but for me having a good feeling for my surroundings and knowing where I’m at in my career right now, it’s just a good feeling.
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