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A lot has been said lately about how the world economy is not working for the 99% and how the 1% is getting richer faster than the rest.

So, here are a few examples to explain what we mean.

1. You can get up to £10,000 by making £1 on your first job.

2. You can get a huge raise by getting a free car when you join Facebook.

Swing Trading with Oliver Velez.pdf - Mirror Trading | Forex Trading
3. But we are not living in a society for the people, we live in a society for the 1%.

If that is not why the 1% get richer faster, we do not know what is.

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You know when you try to buy a box of cereal at a supermarket or an You’re told you need to fill in a form and give the store your address, then they’ll contact you for more information on the product. The customer service rep says you should try to place your order over the phone (or by email, if you prefer) since the form is longer and they can give you more information (if they call).

Apparently there are rules about when you can use that service. Amazon tells people who have had trouble making a purchase through the store, or to call them up and ask for the support they’re giving, to call that number again after 24 hours.

This is the same Amazon Support we’ve been hearing about for years