How much does IBD Leaderboard cost? – Free Swing Trade Stock Picks

In terms of leaderboard costs this item ranks up from the #10 ranked item in the game. This costs 10 gems, and you get 10 gems each time people play it in a league or on an auction. This leaderboard only updates every 3 weeks.

So how do I get the most items?

It pays to be in a league or buy an auction ticket, so you will need to place in those top 10 by earning those rank 10 rewards in the game by ranking highest. It does not reward those ranks through leaderboard progression, so you always need to use the leaderboard to do that.

I just finished ranked 1 and 2 and am looking to get to the next rank?

There is no leaderboard progression here, but you can level up to rank 1 and 2. All you need to do is do the steps necessary to reach 1:10,000 in a league.

Why isn’t a single league leaderboard visible?

You will need to buy an item to see a single league leaderboard that you can see.

In what order can I see a single league leaderboard?

You can see the league leaderboard in the order listed below by pressing F2.

What will an icon be on the leaderboard for each league?

It would have to be a player’s name, rank, name for your team, number (or name if no team), any items on the active skill, or any league leaderboard related items. There is no indication of when you will see it or the order in which you will be able to see it in.

Which league leaderboard has the most number of items on it?

Only the #1 highest ranked item would have a visible item icon on it, the number of items on the league leaderboard would be the result of a league leaderboard update (it wouldn’t always have to be 100 % but you really wouldn’t want to look too closely if a league item came out). ⋆ Page 117 of 161 ⋆ Simple Forex ...
Will a new league leaderboard appear on top of the #1 ranked item?

Yes and no. You would see your league leaderboard on the leaderboard with both the new item’s name and an icon only if the item itself is in this new league leaderboard; if an item drops into a league leaderboard, it will be listed on that leaderboard with the appropriate number and name but will not have its icon on top of the leaderboard.


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