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There are three main categories for day traders:

Sell only in the morning – if your best trading hours are in the morning, you probably don’t have much of an interest in the stock market

If you are doing high-frequency trades and not a day trader, I recommend the following to gain some exposure to this market

Buy only in the afternoon – if your best trading hours are in the afternoon, you probably don’t have much of an interest in the stock market

If you are a day trader and want to invest in stocks at their peaks, the best place to do that is often in late-morning and afternoon trading hours. If you want to get serious exposure, you can spend several hours a day trading stocks, trading both large and small stocks.

Why should I invest in stock market?

As I mentioned before, you have to buy and hold a stock to get any profit, and this is why many of the most established high-frequency traders are in the stock market.

You have to believe that buying and selling stock will get you more profit than doing it manually. If you do this, your results are likely to be mediocre, making you the exact opposite of the “super-mathematicians.”
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Even if your trading strategy allows you to gain some profit in the short-term (and if things go good), there’s just no guarantee the stock market will be higher in the future.

What kinds of trading strategies can I use to be successful?

A good trading strategy is one that allows you to make more profits than you’ve lost in the previous year (see the “How to avoid money losses” section below to learn more).

You should always use techniques to help you reach this goal, such as stock pickers or advanced strategies. You should also consider the following factors:

The price of the stock

Time of day

The market’s timing or volatility

If the stock has been cheap for a while, it likely means that you were an aggressive investor long before your time and not in the long-run (see below)

Your risk tolerance (see the “How to avoid money losses” section below)

You should invest in high quality stocks that meet your expectations (see above).

I recommend buying high quality stocks with high PE and low discounting ratios, such as oil and agriculture stocks. Low-down/sloppy companies are often the target of hedge fund

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