How do you trade swing highs and swing lows?

When your stock moves down, you have to sell low. You can’t call your stock “low,” otherwise you won’t sell it.

When your stock moves up, you can buy low and buy a little bit of high. That means taking that price higher and selling the other way down.

If you buy low and sell high at the same time, what do you call that?

If you sell low, it’s called a swing low. And if you buy high, it’s called the swing high.

Is there anything better than an upside breakout?

Sure! Your stock can bounce back from a down market, and it can bounce back from a bull market. But the important thing is keeping the momentum going through the ups and downs.

If it doesn’t go up, take the profit and sell it. You’ll want to do that the next time the stock goes down. But if it does, hold it! It may just make a comeback if you stick with it!

How do you make a low buy call?

I’d suggest selling low right when the stock makes a big downward move. Don’t stop at once. Just keep trading the stock until the dip has passed.

When it gets big, move away immediately, but wait until the price has passed the bottom of the dip. Then sell low.

Buy low with a little more than the price you sold before. That is like making a big move with the same amount.

Then sell low when it moves back up. When it gets the price that you wanted, you’ll be right back in the money.

But the best part about low buys is that if it makes a little bit of a comeback, you can buy it again!

What does an upside breakout mean?

An upside breakout means that you can sell and buy low at the same time. You can sell high before the stock goes up to buy low. And then buy high right after the stock is down!

For example, let’s say somebody had taken a $13 stock and started with a market cap of $100. That stock made a big bullish spike and hit $145.

Now let’s say that someone sold the stock for $115. That person now has a market cap of $147. At that time, the stock moved up $4. So the sell was right on the money!

What you must be careful of, here, is